Here's something I did recently that wasn't NDA. Certainly inspired by ghost in the shell, and there's quite a bit of tribute to the master Craig Mullins in there, see if you can spot it :D


Cover art for A.C. Harrison's Jupiter symphony. Finally got commissioned for something I could post here. Work has been getting slower lately so I should be able to finally get around to doing some personal stuff. Yay!

Check out this awesome book here:



No update for a while since I couldn't show most of my work due to NDA, but here's some stuff I did for project outrise!

This is the game's site, for more goodies!



Temple rumble

Temple rumble!

WIP project, trying to create an interesting contrast between modern day military and ancient temples.

It looks cool but I hope nothing like this ever happens anywhere. These places are too beautiful to risk any damage to them!


Spy yacht

The santa maria is a 150 ft luxury yacht.

Or is it?

Hidden under the guise a multi mililon yacht is a boat built with stealth plating, equipped with state-of-the-arts ECM/ECCM. Its payload is a mini-submersible, two ready to deploy CRRC craft. It can operate with a skeleton crew of 4 people and is designed to carry teams of seals into operation zones.


Cinematic shots and a droid

A couple of cinematic shot designs as well as two versions for the drones. One sci-fi/entertainment, one more realistic/movie.

The general dynamics logo is for entertainment purposes only and has nothing to do with the actual company. I hope i'm not infringing on anything by using that name for a non-profit project like this.


Drone blackhawk deployment

Drones being deployed by a modified AH-60 Blackhawk. Yeah, blackhawks probably won't look like that in the near future especially since the army is already using a modified one that has not been yet made public, but I think the old bird is one of the coolest things ever so...


US Military drones cont.

Still working on the same project.

The premise: China has invaded taipei and hong-kong, the US responds with a show of force. For the first time, they bring human-type drones to the game. These drones are built to resemble humans as a camouflage, but let's face it. Steel is tougher than flesh when it comes to soaking bullets.

The first of these two images shows the drones' engineering bay aboard the USS Nimitz while the second one is just a cinematic shot of a modified littlebird carrying a couple drones and seals.

PS: Notice the lack of the rear propeller? They've developed a reverse-spinning mechanism under the fist prop to replace that structural helicopter weakness, finally!)


US humanoid drones

WIP. Will re-post when finished but for now, this is in the near-future, war has erupted in a powerstruggle to control hong kong and taipei. The US army uses secret human-type drones in action for the first time.


Viking underworld

Looks like the Viking underworld has a Georgian vibe to it!

These two towns 'fell' (planeshifted, I guess?) into the underworld after the plague killed the inhabitants. Some of the houses were burned in a failed attempt to contain the plague.  The vikings can see the spirits of the inhabitants circling the towers. The guardians of this place have set up wards such as crosses and statues to keep out evil spirits. The mountain in the back represents the way out.


Viking longboat crash

Viking ship crashed on a strange shore. I was trying to create a darker version of ireland, perhaps Tir na nog, or some other mythical land of irish mythology. The idea was these guys went looking for this mystical land, built this larger than usual longboat (fitted it with a second mast too, which unfortunately broke). 

Well they got their wish, but the landing was rather harsh. Now they're salvaging their supplies and getting ready to move. 


Just a preview of the project I'm working on for ADED here in FZD.

More cool stuff to come as the program comes to a close. work work work work more coffee more redbull less sleep!