Painting Trio

Some school work. 4-6 hours per piece or so. I remember when I used to do a thing called sleep, where you lie down and close your eyes and something magical happens...

Aurora Bridge

A quick sketch of a space destroyer's bridge and CIC combined.

Does anyone feel that in a spacesip the bridge and CIC should be different rooms? I'd like to get some opinions on that... To me, it just felt logical to merge them.

The idea behind this ship is that all the main systems are operated by a cyborg that sits in that big chair in the back, that connects his brain directly into the ship and controls most systems by thought.


Robot for fun and games.

Farm Creature and Stable

Another school project, this one's about creating a creature and a place for it to live.

The subject was randomly generated, I drew 'runner' and 'farmer' as keywords. It was kinda frustrating in the beginning as some of my classmates got some cool stuff like flying peacekeeper (Curse you Marcel!!), but I do like the end result :)

Asteroid Miner!

Ladies and gents, I give you Titan-Altec's CBK 0088 Asteroid Mining Vessel.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew one day I would HAVE to draw a space drilling machine. FZD gave me the chance to do it! This is a term 2 final project for the school, I hope you find it as amusing as I do :)

New blog!

Hey guys, I thought I'd take some time and start a blog, you know, to keep up with the times and such.

Presently, I am still attending school at http://www.fzdschool.com/, so updates on this blog may be a little scarce as the schedule of this school is quite hectic.

Anyways, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy what you see. I thought I'd start this blog with a bit of character design. This one's a black and white starfighter pilot. His name is Eric. Some of you may know him from the iPhone game Acheron prime. Let me know what you guys think!