Spy yacht

The santa maria is a 150 ft luxury yacht.

Or is it?

Hidden under the guise a multi mililon yacht is a boat built with stealth plating, equipped with state-of-the-arts ECM/ECCM. Its payload is a mini-submersible, two ready to deploy CRRC craft. It can operate with a skeleton crew of 4 people and is designed to carry teams of seals into operation zones.


Cinematic shots and a droid

A couple of cinematic shot designs as well as two versions for the drones. One sci-fi/entertainment, one more realistic/movie.

The general dynamics logo is for entertainment purposes only and has nothing to do with the actual company. I hope i'm not infringing on anything by using that name for a non-profit project like this.


Drone blackhawk deployment

Drones being deployed by a modified AH-60 Blackhawk. Yeah, blackhawks probably won't look like that in the near future especially since the army is already using a modified one that has not been yet made public, but I think the old bird is one of the coolest things ever so...